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Top 10 Tours & Rentals in Havana

10. La Coubre


If you're not in a hurry, get off your caboose and ride the rails! Tour the length of the island in relative comfort—the seats don't recline and there are no sleeping coaches, but you will stay cool in the A/C. Note to self: Bring your own toilet paper! Book up to 5 days in advance, and show up 1-2 hours early. Trains run every day during peak seasons (summer, Christmas, Easter), every other day during off seasons. All Aboard this Top 10 Havana tour! 

9. Cubacar

MAP   SITE   +53 7 214 0090

If you want to see Havana at your own speed, rent a car! Cubacar is the largest car rental company in the country and easily makes our Top 10 Havana tours. They've got you covered no matter what type of vehicle you want—small-sized, luxury sedans, vans, and even Jeeps for off-roading! Since Cubacar has offices in every province, with customer service reps available 24 hrs a day, you won't need to hit the brakes when you want to explore Havana by car. 

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8. Coco Taxis


What has 3 wheels, is egg-shaped, and moves faster than you would think? A Coco Taxi of course! These small rickshaw-type motorized vehicles get their name from the locals who think they look like giant coconuts. The 75cc 2-stroke engine gives them enough gumption to haul 2-3 passengers with no problem. Keep in mind, the yellow cocos are for tourists and the black ones are for locals. You'll find them all over Havana and rates are negotiable. 

7. Bike Rental & Tours

MAP   SITE   +53 5 2638703

Havana is mostly flat, which makes it easy to pedal your way around. Take a 4-hour guided Top 10 Havana bike tour or explore the culture, history, and landscape of Havana on your own. Guides are flexible and even allow you to choose the itinerary if you know what you want to see. You can determine how you want to outfit your bike—saddlebags, carrier racks, and baskets are all options. Helmets are available and rates vary, depending on how fancy you want your bike to be. Raise your kickstand and get rolling! Open daily,  7 AM - 8 PM. If nobody is in the garage, just ring the bel!

6. Havana Bus Tour


Who doesn't love a double-decker sightseeing bus tour? This hop on/hop off bus tour has 63 different stops all over Havana, with a bus coming by every 15 minutes or so. There are 3 interconnected routes that run continuously every day of the week from morning until dusk. Considered an inexpensive way to see the sites, you can buy a day ticket for just 5 CUCs and hop on and off as often as you like. Havana Bus Tour lands on our Top Ten Havana tours because double-the-deck = double-the-fun!

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5. Viazul

MAP   SITE   +53 7 8836092

The Viazul is the National Bus Company designed exclusively for tourists. Book your reservations online several hours to one day in advance, print your confirmation, and get to the station at least an hour before departure. Once boarded, sit back and relax. Buses are spacious, comfy, and generally clean. Watch a video or watch out the window. Wear something warm - the A/C on the buses is set to deep freeze. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all across the island, which makes touring Cuba a breeze.


4. Colectivos


If you love American cars and Russian Ladas from the 1950s, you're in for a treat! These are shared taxis, meaning they stop to pick up/drop off people as often as necessary to keep full. To hail one, simply stand on the side of a major road or intersection, raise your hand, and hold your fingers up to show the number of people in your group. To get off, point and say, aqui, which means, here. Fair (fare) warning; prices are fixed until the tunnel. Once you go thru, the price doubles. It's a distance thing.  

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3. Bici-Taxi

Our Top 10 Havana tours wouldn't be complete without mentioning the bici-taxi. These vehicles are the Cuban equivalent of a rickshaw or pedicab. If you've exhausted your own pedal power, jump into one of these fun carts powered by someone else's legs. Economical, slow-paced, and relaxing to ride in, you won't need to search high and low to find one—bici-taxi drivers will find you! 

2. Cuba Tours w Jorge

SITE   + 53 5 282 9444

To truly appreciate all that Havana offers, put on your walking shoes and hit the road! Guided walking tours immerse you in the history and culture of Havana from the perspective of a native during a 4-hour stroll. Alternately, explore the city while hoofing it on your own; you will see Havana as the locals do. Either way, prepare to be wowed as you experience Havana on foot. Pounding the pavement has never been so magical, which is why it ranks near the pinnacle of our list of Top 10 Havana tours!

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1. Panataxi

SEARCH    +53 7 55 55 55

Touted as the cheapest and most economical way to travel Havana, this state-run taxi service will get you where you want to go faster than any other mode of transportation. Since you will be riding in a metered taxi, you pay your fare when you arrive at your destination. The taxis are easy to recognize because they look just like traditional yellow taxis that you see in most any metropolitan area. Bonus: Panataxi is proud to advertise that their taxis are equipped with radios for your listening pleasure. 

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