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Top 10 Shopping in Havana

10. 331 Art Space

MAP   SITE   +53 5 254 1334

Three art school students renovated this 1941 mansion and turned it into a modern working studio and Top 10 Havana art gallery. Pieces by Havana's most creative up-and-coming artists are for sale. Appointments are strongly recommended to meet with the artists and view and/or purchase the sophisticated, innovative, and contemporary art. Don't expect to find typical kitschy souvenirs here—this artwork is for the serious, discriminating collector. Various types of art are represented including; pencil drawings, charcoal, photography, painting, and mixed media. Sorry folks, you'll have to look elsewhere for your cheesy knick-knacks! By appointment only.

9. Estudio Cleo

MAP   SITE   +53 7 8323765

This eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind shop is a family-owned and operated labor of love. Nearly all items are locally hand-made; the exception—handcrafted cases purchased from Peruvian women to support a daycare. Arts and crafts are made using as much recycled material as possible. A portion of profits from the Top 10 Havana art studio will go towards a tree-planting initiative, helping sick kids, and animal welfare. Passionate about the earth and its inhabitants, they are about making the world a better place. You'll get all the feels when you shop and support this big-hearted business.

8. Habana 1791

MAP   SITE   +53 7 8623153

Known as, the perfume shop, Habana 1791 specializes in creating 12 distinct scents. Handcrafted on site, you will love watching the perfumers go through the process of making perfume or cologne. Before they are mixed by hand into a floral fragrance, flower petals can be seen drying on a rack. Sniffing its way onto our Top 10 Havana shopping, this aromatic parfumarie  can even develop a unique and personalized fragrance exclusively for you! Stop and smell the roses, err, the perfumes at Habana 1791 and get a whiff of something special. Open daily, 9:30 AM to 6 PM.

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7. Piscolabis

MAP   SITE   +53 58433219

Piscolabis (Spanish for snack) is a small bazaar that will gladden To 10 Havana shoppers of all types. Whether you are in search of the perfect souvenir for someone back home or on the lookout for an uncommon trinket to remember your visit by, this shop will not disappoint. Browse the shop for items full of character that you won't find anywhere else. There is much to see, so indulge in a coffee and a small piscolabis from their onsite cafe to keep your energy up while you shop 'til you drop! Open Mon - Fri, 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM.

6. Casa del Habano

In Havana, you are going to see cigars. Everywhere. They are basically the national pastime (next to baseball, music, old cars, tapas, & mojitos). The most important thing to know is this: DO NOT BUY CIGARS FROM STREET VENDORS. We can't emphasize that enough. The official cigar company of the country is Habano's, so when you're ready for some world-renowned Top 10 Havana cigars, shop for them at a Casa del Habano-approved store, they are located everywhere. If you plan to take Habanos home, keep receipts and know how many you can bring back. Hours vary by location.

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5. Memorias

If you're looking for antique memorabilia, you'll find it (and more!) here. Holding its own on our Top Ten Havana shopping, Memorias will tickle your fancy with their vintage collection. Located next door to Sloppy Joe's (a Top Ten Havana EATS), rare and unique is the theme. You will discover old books, postcards, coins, posters, magazines, art deco signs, maps, cigar labels, photos... need we say more? If they don't have what you want, they will find it. Memorias is a place you won't want to leave in the dust. Open Mon - Sat, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

4. Almacenes San Jose

MAP   SEARCH    +53 7 8647779

On your trip to Havana, make sure you take time to check out the city's largest flea market. Hundreds of vendors selling their wares will satisfy all of your shopping needs. Seriously, you can find everything you never knew you wanted at this indoor warehouse! This Top 10 Havana market also has several places to eat and a currency exchange booth, so you won't go hungry and you will always have the correct form of money. To score some really great deals, put on your haggling hat! Open daily 9 AM - 5 PM.

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3. Callejon de Hamel

This funky street market will enchant you with its colorful, eclectic, cultural vibe. Paintings and sculptures by Salvador Gonzalez, Afro-Cuban rumba music and dancing, a touch of Santeria, and elaborate murals on every building all add to the brew that will draw you in hypnotically. Shrouded in magic and mystery, this Top 10 Havana shopping experience lies on a narrow alleyway extending 2 full blocks. It's an explosion of wondrous sights and the shops that are there will charm you.

2. Galería Comodoro


There's no doubt about it—going to the mall is bitchin' and something most everyone loves. The Galeria Comercial Comodoro is the largest mall in Havana, pretty rad! With Top 10 Havana stores selling everything you can think of, this modern shopping complex is a favorite for locals. The galleria is flanked by lush green lawns and has several places to eat, which makes shopping totally cool. Open Mon - Sat, 10 AM - 7:30 PM and Sun, 10 AM - 2 PM.

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1. Mercado Agro


For an authentic Cuban food shopping experience, going to the farmer's market in Havana is something we reckon you ought to do. Plowing its way to the pinnacle our Top Ten Havana shopping is the Agro with a bounty of fruits, vegetables, and meat to choose from. It's an exciting and at times, comical, event. Vendors holler at you to take a gander at the crops they're fixin' to sell. These characters are quite friendly and will keep you tied-up like a hog while chewing your ear off. Open daily, 7 AM - 5 PM.

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