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Top 10  Restaurants in Havana

10. El Chanchullero de Tapas

MAP   VIDEO   +53 5 2760938

This quirky hole-in-the-wall Top 10 Havana tapas restaurant will absolutely delight you. The entry is covered with currency from around the world. Inside, the walls are a canvas of graffiti artistically rendered by customers—even the bathrooms are full of words, including the toilet seats! Enjoy some of the greatest (and largest) plates of food in town. Drinks are delicious, music is loud, and mismatched lamps add a dim glow to the dark atmosphere. In a city known for a certain literary great, a proudly displayed sign reads, Hemingway was not here. 

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9. Starbien

MAP   VIDEO   +53 7 8300711

An old renovated mansion is home to this unique Top 10 Havana restaurant. Rather than traditional Cuban food, Starbien's menu will have you soaring to new heights of culinary appreciation with their Italian and Spanish fare. You will be over the moon when it comes to atmosphere—it's classy and casual. The excellent service and large portions of superbly prepared food will dazzle you. Wheelchair accessible and vegetarian-friendly, Starbien shines brightly. Open daily from 12 PM - 4 PM. 

8. El Rum Rum de la Habana

MAP   SITE  +53 7861 0806

You may think this Top 10 Havana restaurant is named for the adult beverage so popular in Cuba, but rum rum is slang for gossip. The buzz is that the food tastes exquisite and is artistically prepared for elaborate and dynamic presentation. Several different dining areas offer a perfect setting to prattle on about how much you love this place. Talk around town says there is a dress code, so be sure to check into that rumor before you go. Open daily 9 AM - midnight.

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7. Dona Eutimia

MAP   MENU   +53 7 8611332

Make reservations or you might not get in! This Top 10 Havana eatery was named after the woman who owned the converted mansion where it is located. The current owner, Leticia, is Ms. Eutimia's daughter and her cooking is amazing! Not interested in straying from her mother's handed-down traditional recipes, you will enjoy every scrumptious dish—especially the ropa vieja. With incredible food, stupendous drinks, and an artistic history, it's no wonder the Dona is a staple on our Top 10 Havana EATS. Open daily 12 PM - 11 PM. 

6. Porto Habana

MAP   SITE   +53 7833 1425

Located in a Vedado high-rise, you will be a bit surprised upon entering this private restaurant. From the non-descript building entryway, a doorman will take you up to the 11th floor, where upon exiting the elevator, friendly staff will greet you. The views of both the ocean and the city will knock your socks off! The traditional cuisine is so good, reservations are highly recommended—prepare for a wait if you drop-in. Porto Habana is a top-shelf Top 10 Havana dining experience that cannot be overlooked! Open daily 12 PM - 11 PM.

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5. Esto No Es Un Cafe

MAP   MENU   +53 7 8625109 

Near the Cathedral, in a little alley outside the square is a lovely cafe brimming with quirkiness. Even the name is peculiar, meaning, This is not a cafe. Combining visual and culinary arts, creativity is the underlying theme. If you are an art lover with a sense of humor, you will be thrilled to dine here. The Top 10 Havana cafe menu is extensive and everything tastes good, so put this non-cafe cafe on your itinerary. Peek into the restroom to glimpse the sink made of ceramic hands. Open daily 12 PM - 12 AM. 

4. Donde Lis

MAP   MENU   +53 7860 0922

A refreshingly modern place to enjoy a meal, you will be pleasantly surprised with its simplicity. From the ease of ordering off menus written in both Spanish and English to the comfort of the space, you will find the food to be delicious and the staff friendly —easily earning a spot on our Top Ten Havana restaurant! A relatively new restaurant to hit the scene, it has quickly become one of the city's best and most inviting spots. Open daily 12 PM - 12 AM.

3. Cafe O'Reilly

MAP   SITE   +53 7 8636684

If you like different and imaginative, this is the place to go. It's one of the hippest and trendiest Top 10 Havana places to eat. It's small and you really should book a table in advance or be prepared to wait a while for seating. It's popular with locals and tourists, many of whom claim to have enjoyed the best ceviche ever at this eatery. Upon leaving, every woman is presented a flower — just one of the many perks that makes your visit O'so special. Open daily 12 PM - 12 AM. 

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2. San Cristobal

MAP   MENU   +53 78609109

Named after its owner and chef, Carlos Cristobal Marquez Valdes, the feel of this paladar is homey. Dozens of clocks, photos, stacks of books, posters, religious figures, and record covers all vie for your attention. Though very cluttered, it's comfortable. Celebrities have recently discovered this hideaway (even U.S. President Obama has dined here), so its reputation for delectable food and incredible service is more widespread than ever! When not cooking, Carlos makes his way to the tables to personally welcome his guests. Book ahead at this Top 10 Havana cafe! Open Mon-Sat, 12 PM - 12 AM.

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1. Habana 61

MAP   MENU   +53 7 8619433

Capping our Top 10 Havana restaurant is a contemporary and somewhat upscale restaurant that specializes in seafood. Modern and Euro-chic, this paladar (privately owned and operated, rather than government owned) delivers! Havana 61 will excite your palate and impress your senses. Centrally located, this jewel of the Caribbean is a local favorite. Visitors flock there, so reserve a table ahead of time! Open daily from 12 PM - 2 AM.

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